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Getting to Britain. What you need to know about visiting the UK from the EU, EEA or Switzerland. Travelling to the UK by sea, rail and coach. Travelling to the UK by air. Travel by Eurostar train. Passport and visa requirements for entering the UK.
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Citizenship: This entry provides information related to the acquisition and exercise of citizenship; it includes four subfields: citizenship by birth describes the acquisition of citizenship based on place of birth, known as Jus soli, regardless of the citizenship of parents.
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The Commander-in-Chief is the British monarch, to whom members of the forces swear an oath of allegiance. 272 The Armed Forces are charged with protecting the UK and its overseas territories, promoting the UK's' global security interests and supporting international peacekeeping efforts.
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After the defeat of France in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1792-1815, the UK emerged as the principal naval and imperial power of the 19th century with London the largest city in the world from about 1830. 84 Unchallenged at sea, British dominance was later described as Pax Britannica British" Peace, a period of relative peace in Europe and the world 1815-1914.
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UK ready to abandon EUs €95bn science fund in Brexit dispute. More air travel chaos looms and UK rail passengers face prospect of disruption. Demand 'falls' off cliff for CFA financial analyst qualification. Ryanair forces South African customers to prove ID with Afrikaans test.
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However, you will only be limited to a stay of 90 days in the UK and Ireland or whatever the passport control officer in Ireland gives you a leave to remain for if you qualify for a visa exemption, not the usual six-month stay in the UK for visa-exempt nationals.
'Incredible' protest'' planned for Trump visit to UK Donald Trump The Guardian.
It is our duty as citizens to speak out, the group has said. We oppose this state visit to the UK and commit ourselves to one of the biggest demonstrations in British history, to make very clear to our government, and to the world, that this is not in our name.

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