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In certain types of rental sometimes known as operated or wet rental the charge may be calculated by the rental charge timesheets of operators or drivers supplied by the rental company to operate the equipment. This is particularly relevant for crane rental companies.
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Here's' how to save time, beat the crowd and land a great rental home. Which bills are you responsible for as a tenant? Confused about which bills are - and are not - your responsibility when living in a rental property?
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ask for the contract to be dissolved with the payment of damages, if appropriate. require the necessary works to be carried out; pending the completion of these works, a court may permit a reduction of the rental price. These rules do not apply to a renovation contract.
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Property to Rent. Whether you are a property owner looking to list your property to rent, or whether you are embarking on a new adventure and need a quality place to rent using a reputable service, then Private Property is your one-stop portal.

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